Banana Nutrition Facts – Calories Per One Banana and How to Vacuum Seal It

Here are some banana nutrition facts that you must know before eating this healthy fruit. What I love about these tropical fruits is they come in their own package – easy to take with you, easy to eat and easy clean up!
These nutrition facts are the most important regarding the health benefits of bananas.

Vitamin B6

They contain 0.43mg of B6, which is about a third of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA). This vitamin supports healthy nervous system function and is involved with processing carbs, so it’s closely related to your energy level!


There is about 420mg per medium banana. Potassium is an electrolyte and helps control heart function and fluid balance. Athletes can benefit from this banana nutrition info as it can help prevent cramping during exercise. Eat these to help control high blood pressure as well.


Did you know bananas can help reduce stomach ulcer irritation if used after vacuum sealing (check out this link)? They have an antacid effect on the stomach and also contain prebiotics, which feed and produce probiotics (healthy bacteria in the gut) which help restore normal bowel and immune function.

Banana Nutrition Facts

Calories per one Banana

There are around 100 calories in a banana (medium sized). Bananas are picked when they are green, and are left to ripen at room temperature. The starch turns into sugar during ripening, so try to eat them while they are still firm to avoid too much of a blood sugar rise/insulin spike. As with most fruits, you want to limit the amount you eat at one time due to this effect.

To speed up the ripening, put in a paper bag with an apple. Once ripe, you can prevent over-ripening by refrigerating, but note that the skin may darken but will have no effect on the fruit itself. Should you buy bananas organic? They do not contain as many pesticides as many other fruits, so it’s not mandatory, but you can always benefit from avoiding any pesticides.

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